Willie Wabbit - Orlando Int. Airport (late 1970s)

*This was CEI's first animatronic character - Willie Wabbit. He was placed in a kiosk at the airport in Orlando to advertise for Mystery Fun House and attract tourist customers.

Friendly Freddy & Dracula (late 1970s)

The Confederate Critter Band (late 1970s)

The Bear Country Jubilee (late 1970s)

*This was CEI's first full animatronic show. It was loosely based on Disney's popular 'Country Bear Jamboree' show. The center stage band's name was the 'Four Season Bears'. This show was sold back to CEI by the original owner, and now rests in CEI's warehouse.

Bear Country Jubilee
at Morey’s Pier - Wildwood, NJ (1984)

Photo Submission by Rapid T. Rabbit