'Solid Gold' McDonalds - Greenfield, WI (2002)

Photo Submission by Menutia

*This is the Mac Tonight show, based on a character used in the late 1980s. A small Mirror ball rotates above the piano, and Mac introduces the hits, which are actual 50's & 60's recordings. The show plays continually, as does the music. Also the lighting for the stage is poor.

McDonald's - Westminster, CO (1999)

Photo Submission by VegaNova

*This is the Ronald Show which was placed at a few select McDonalds locations. These were taken Westminster, CO and Iíve seen another one at a 24-hour McDonalds in Orlando, FL which also had the Mac Tonight Show (Ronald has since been removed from the Westminster location). The animatronics are crude, but interesting. Both the Ronald and Mac Tonight show are produced by a company called Mannetron. Visit their website here.