Photo Gallery Submission Guidelines
Got photos you'd like to see added to Photo Gallery? Submitting photos is simple. If you already have them scanned or in digital form, you can attach them to an e-mail and send them to If you're unable to scan them or have them developed onto a CD, you can snail mail them directly to Please send an e-mail to us and we'll give you our mailing address. All photos sent to us will be returned, however please send them at your own risk! We have no control over the mail once it's out of our hands.

All photos received are subject to evaluation. As much as we'd love to post every single photo that is submitted to us, we may be unable to do so because of bandwidth and webspace limitations. Photos will be evaluated based on content, number of photos, clarity, artistic nature, and relevance to Chuck E. Cheese's and ShowBiz Pizza.

If we are unable to give you your own photo page, we will do our best to incorporate your photos somehow into (perhaps into a misc photo section or into Billy Bob's Blog). It may also be the case that only a portion of your photos are posted, again due to webspace limits.

You will be given credit (recognition) for your submissions - the name or ID used is your choice. Once the photos are digitally posted on our site they become the property of, and may be used in any manner without further compensation to the photographer. If you need your photos removed for whatever reason, please contact us. Removal will be decided on a case by case scenario, but is ultimately the decision of