B.B. Bubbles

B.B. Bubbles was one of the later Pizza Time Players to join the cast. Introduced in late 19821, she was a pink circus elephant who sang in a high voice and was prone to giggling. Prior to performing in Pizza Time Theatre stores, B.B. Bubbles had formerly toured with a traveling circus company. Bubbles sang a variety of saucy, sometimes sultry songs, and also performed various medleys of themed songs2 (California, Western, Southern, etc).

B.B. Bubbles was a retrofit of the existing cabaret characters, and according to a promotional advertisement, could be ordered as a complete installation kit or simply a cosmetic change out. An optional bubble machine was also offered3.

Her movements were identical to that of the already existing cabaret characters Artie Antlers and Dolli Dimples - with the exception being Dolli's breast movement was reconfigured to become Bubbles' nose movement.

Despite being short lived and placed in relatively few locations, B.B. Bubbles did manage to make it onto a few pieces of Pizza Time Theatre merchandise such as a circus themed poster, the artwork of which was utilized on other collectible items such as a scented candle.

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