Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was one of the most unique characters ever used in conjunction with the Rock-afire Explosion. The Statue was celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 1986, and ShowBiz wanted to do a tribute of its own. So the idea seemed simple enough - to install their own version of the Statue in each of the 170 ShowBiz Pizza locations nationwide.

Oddly enough, that made the Statue of Liberty the only character (with the possible exception of Uncle Klunk) to join the Rock-afire system-wide, and at the very least, the only character to do so at all restaurants simultaneously.

The Statue was scaled down to 6' tall to match the size of the other characters. ShowBiz felt it was best to go with a realistic appearance as opposed to an animated or characterized look - something that would maintain the dignity of the Statue as a national symbol. The only alteration that was made was the addition of a slight smile, to make her a little less intimidating to the younger children.

Liberty appeared in only one showtape, and had a small speaking role - when she was unveiled by the Rock-afire Explosion, a female voice could be heard reading words from "The New Colossus", the poem inscribed at the base of the Statue in NYC. There were two different Liberty shows produced (one by ShowBiz and one by Creative Engineering). Though Liberty read The New Colossus in both versions, she was portrayed by a different voice actor.