Overview - Lite Stage

Several different options were available for customers looking to purchase a New Rock-afire Explosion package. Karaoke and the Show Selector leasing program were available with just about every setup, however a few distinct stage variations were available. One of the varieties was the "Lite" version of the stage which contained Billy Bob, Mitzi, Fatz, and a 45" TV monitor. There were four basic variations of the Lite stages:

New RAE Lite-ES/P with Karaoke (pictured above) - This version was an expanded 4-stage show containing a revolving center stage, fixed-position stage left with TV, stage right that was the same height as center stage and stage right (for live performers), plus a lowered karaoke stage placed between center stage and stage right. Custom backdrops were also available - the above was photographed at Magic City in Waukegan, IL.

New RAE Lite-ES with Karaoke - This version was also expanded similar to the ES/P, minus the raised stage for live performances. Instead, the karaoke stage was placed on stage right, substantially lower than the other two stages. See an artist's concept sketch here.

New RAE Lite-CS with Karaoke (pictured below) - This version was a three stage condensed variation that placed the karaoke stage between the revolving center stage, and the fixed-position stage left with TV monitor.

New RAE Lite - This version was a two stage show that contained the revolving center stage and stage left, which again was fixed-position containing the large TV monitor.

Overview - Mini Stage

For customers looking to purchase an even more affordable version of the New Rock-afire Explosion, Creative Engineering offered the New RAE Mini with Karaoke. It contained essentially one stage and two animatronic characters - Billy Bob and Looney Bird. Instead of having the large 45" TV in other setups, a smaller 31" TV was placed above the karaoke stage. Curtains were optional for the Mini stage, which cost a little more than 1/3 the price of the complete New Rock-afire setup.