The Rock-afire "Magic" Stage

In the mid-80s, ShowBiz designed a 'new' Rock-afire stage, complete with new character costumes. It is tentatively known as the "Magic" stage, because of the printing on the center stage valance - although the stage better resembles a Bandstand / Variety Show.

The Stages

The Rock-afire stages were drastically altered - Rolfe and Earl's stage had a solid gold rain curtain, a jukebox, and music notes dangling from the ceiling. Gone from center stage was the forest and trees (except for the stump beneath Beach Bear and the one around Choo-choo). Instead, the center stage had a backdrop "screen" that a light show and assorted projections could be displayed upon. Rounding out the stage were two large treble clefs on each end. Billy Bob's stage had a brick house fašade that was plastered with posters of famous musicians including the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Looney Bird's barrel was also painted chrome.

Additional Information

These photos were taken in November of 1985, however it is unclear what ShowBiz Pizza tested this unique stage. It's likely that this was just another test by ShowBiz's entertainment department that was never pursued beyond the store that received the prototype. The popular belief is that this was a "variety" show type of setup tested by ShowBiz, because they believed the original Rock-afire stages were incoherent with one another. Until some documentation turns up, we can't know for sure. Thus far, the only information we've been able to find are from the photos below (that were found at CEC's corporate offices back in the late 1990s).

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