Segment 1
"Summer Fun"
"Skip Rope Skat"

Intermission 1

Segment 2
"Pasqually's Polka"
"Be A Sport"

Intermission 2
Helen Henny's Hollywood

Segment 3
"Home On The Range"
"Having Fun With You"

Intermission 3
Geography Rap

If CEC ever produced a summer show fans would prefer seeing reused each year like today, I would bet a majority of fans would choose this show. Games 1991, like all of the early 90s tapes, showcases absolutely brilliant music and a fantastic “80s/90s” feel that nowadays is very difficult to reproduce. The overall theme, as the title gives away, is enjoying every minute of summer playing games and having fun with all your friends. The show opens with the classic “Summer Fun,” which does a fantastic job introducing the overall show, ending with “Having Fun With You,” a touching closing to a terrific show.

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-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

Although I never got to see this show in person, this was one of the very first “classic” shows I was able to watch again years later. I love absolutely everything about this show; each song is creative and very well performed by the cast. I am very saddened, and downright shocked that of all the songs CEC has reused in the last 20 years, not one of these songs has ever been re-recorded. The only reason I gave this show 4.5 and not a 5 is only because I feel the show is way too short. I understand this was still a beginning for the [then new] MMBB, however this show just has you begging for more. Rest assured, this show is still very strong, and very worthy of a modern day comeback.