Segment 1
"America The Beautiful"
"Yankee Doodle"
"Oh Susanna"
"Children Of America"

Intermission 1
Helen Henny's Hollywood
8 Minute Countdown

Segment 2
"Rockin' State"
"My Country"
"This Land Is Your Land"

Intermission 2
8 Minute Countdown

Segment 3
"Oh I Think My Pride Is Showing Again"
"Grand Old Flag"

Intermission 3
8 Minute Countdown

The same exact showtape as from the previous year - 1991's American Pride, except this time around there are a few intermission changes.

Intermissions - The skits are reused from American Pride (1991), but the intermission roster has changed a bit, including the 8 Minute Countdowns going after each CEC TV Special.

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

A great patriotic show featuring some great favorites and originals dedicated to America!