Segment 1
"An Imaginary Adventurer"

Intermission 1
Tricks For Treats
Darkwing Duck

Segment 2
"Planetary Ranger"

Intermission 2
Runaway Mine Car
Sports Bloopers

Segment 3
"Jack And The Beanstalk"

Intermission 3
Joke Pizza
A Game Of Horseshoes
State-Of-The-Art Computer Animation

Segment 4
"The United States Of You"

Intermission 4
Joke Pizza
The Virtuoso
Joke Pizza
On The Edge

Segment 5
"The Battle"

Intermission 5
Movie Clips
America's Funniest Home Videos

Another new 1995 show is in our hands, introducing Chuck E.'s new traveling machine that can take us on any adventures we want including, cleaning up a planet, visiting the land of "Jack And The Beanstalk", going inside the mind to check the state of feelings (United States Of You, get a clue), and also battling on the grounds of a basket ball court.

The first skit starts with Chuck introducing the band to R.O.S.E., which stands for Rockin' Onboard Systems Environment, she tells Chuck E. they can't get going until they are ready to be Imaginary Adventurers, and the band prepares for their adventure after during the first intermission. The next segment has the characters go to a planet, which is having a real mess, and the Planetary Ranger team sees everything floating up, figuring that the planet is up-side down. The third segment has the band visit the land of Jack And The Beanstalk, having Jack fight with the Giant, turns out the Giant is just hungry for some pizza. As the song says, if you "Do Something Giant", it can turn out into a happy ending. The fourth segment has the band visiting inside the human body as they are all aboard the train of thoughts to see the feelings inside, visiting the Pridelands, Land Of Blues, Sea Of Stupidity, and the Affection Connection, until they run into a brainstorm, and pull out. The last segment is real challenging, challenging by walking down the local street running into the school principal, and into the bully, than playing a basketball game with him. Entering the battlegrounds. The intermissions were similar to the preceding shows, Sports Bloopers, Funniest videos, computer animation, etc.

Recycled Intermissions - The two Joke Pizza intermissions, A Game Of Horse shoes, The Virtuoso, and Tricks For Treats intermissions were all reused from 1994.

New Characters / Voices - This is the first show with R.O.S.E., she would appear in a couple other shows as well. Some of the voices were a little different in this show for the characters, I don't know who did who though.

Disney Influence - The video for "Jack And The Beanstalk" was shot in the Honey I Shrunk The Kids Playground Set. Also in the Battle segment, its pretty confusing at some points, if I didn't give a clear explanation about it above, ehh. But its interesting too, I think the video was shot in the Disney MGM Backlot Tour, at one point they insert a couple cartoon shorts, one of them is "Doug".

Show Footage - There is no character footage in this show, only a team of dancing kids for most segments.

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

I really am fond of this show, I love all the songs, and the segments. The intermissions were cool as well, I thought the Runaway Gold Mine Car intermission was pretty much a joy ride, as well as the Darkwing Duck Music Video. Pretty much, this whole show is really cool and a well done concept, Paws Up in the air for August 1995.