Patriotic 1998 Show Schedule
Bruce Springsteen: "Born In The USA"
John Mellencamp: "Rock In The USA"
"Stars And Stripes Forever"
Lee Greenwood: "God Bless The USA"
Whitney Houston: "The Star Spangled Banner"
Waylon Jennings: "America"
"In America"
Barbara Streisand: "America The Beautiful"
KBC Band: "America"
"Battle Hymn Of The Republic"
"Pledge Of Allegiance"
"You're A Grand Old Flag"

Well, talk about May '98 being a rip-off to CEC fans, but at least the curtains stayed open so the characters could comment on the music videos and sport bloopers... now what we get is an even more terrible show. Not only that, this show was very un-noticable and very lame - it was also a failure of 1998!! This is how it works for this type of a 1998 show: the CEC characters would open their curtains for the intros to talk about the upcoming Fourth of July and how lucky we are to be in America, these kind of dialogues would last about one or two minutes, than the characters would introduce a Patriotic song, and close their curtains! The only skit where they don't do this is the finale where the characters sing "You're A Grand Old Flag." Well, this show didn't really last long enough and I guess it was only valid for a month, and then they switched back to May '98. That my friends, is the very, very horrible Patriotic 1998 Show.

Character Footage - The only character footage you see in this show is very little during the "Born In The USA" Video - which is recycle footage.

Character Songs - The only character song in this show was "You're A Grand Old Flag".

Existing Stages - This was Existing Stages only - the Studio C stores continued to play May 1998 Show through July

-0.5 out of 5 Tokens-

What good is a show to review with only 1-2 minute dialogue? It's also pretty hard to really review a show like this because of very little info of the content and such. The music videos such as "God Bless The USA", and "Born In The USA" are good, but I definitely would never call this a show, and more of a Patriotic MTV Special - very lame and very pointless. Paws all the way down for Patriotic 98'.