Segment 1
"Holly Jolly Christmas"
"White Christmas"

Intermission 1
The Durby
Commercial Free Christmas (1999 Version)

Segment 2
"Mele Kalikimaka"
"Feliz Navidad"

Intermission 2
VeggieTales: "Oh Santa!"
Chuck E Cheese's Classic Theatre: "A Christmas Carol"

Segment 3
"Twelve Days Of Christmas"
"The Dradle Song"

Intermission 3
Baking With Betty
Super Jasper

Segment 4
"Big Band Santa"
"Jingle Bells" / "Deck the Halls" / "We Wish You A Merry Christmas"

Intermission 4
"Up On The Housetop"
Book Your Party Online Promo (Existing Stages Only - 1999 & 2000 Version)
Shirt Painting (Existing Stages Only - 2001 Version)

Happy Holidays, everyone! Chuck E Cheese really knows how to bring in the holiday spirit through the great holiday songs and intermissions in this special. Although the show focuses more on Christmas, there still is a little bit on other religion holidays, including a song about Hannukah. The show even features what Christmas is like in Hawaii and Mexico! This just proves that there is something for everybody when it comes to holiday time at CEC!

Curtain Diversity - There is no curtain diversity for Studio C or the Existing Stages.

Studio C - The Studio C puppets are really getting into the Christmas spirit! Munch and Jasper are wearing Santa caps, and all of them are located in a comfy-looking home instead of the usual paint-splattered or colored backgrounds. Munch is in front of a piano, Jasper is by some candles, Pasqually is next to a comfy chair, and Helen is by the Christmas tree.

Character Songs - Every character has a song in this show! Helen sings "White Christmas", "Deck The Halls", and a part of "Jingle Bells", Jasper sings "Feliz Navidad" and a part of "Jingle Bells", Pasqually sings "Mele Kalikimaka", and Munch sings "The Dradle Song!"

Parodies & Originals - "Twelve Days Of Christmas" is a parody featuring CEC-related things and merchandise. And a trip to Chuck E Cheese's! "Big Band Santa" is a CEC original, while the rest of the line-up are covers.

White Christmas - Mike Manly is selling fruit in "White Christmas". I guess he needs something to do while he isn't interviewing Super Jasper!

Super Jasper - In this short holiday episode, Jasper becomes a "canine snowball".

Baking With Betty - In this Hannakuh special, Betty is preparing a holiday dish while Pasqually frantically tries to keep up with her.

The Durby - The Durby intermission pokes fun at Furby - one of those hot toy fads of Christmas past. The cool thing about this intermission is that the Studio C Chuck E animatronic is in it!

Snowboarding - This long original music intermission features Chuck E snowboarding at the Santa Fe National Forest in Texas.

Chuck E Cheese's Classic Theatre - This short intermission has the Studio C puppets singing "A Christmas Carol". The funny thing is the voices have been sped up so they sing it real fast!

Up On The Housetop - This intermission features four carolers singing "Up On The Housetop" at the Department 18 recording studio.

Commercial Free Christmas - This short-lived intermission featured Jeremy Blaido selling "Commercial Free Christmas" videos in a commercial as an infomercial parody. Showtapes with this intermission were immediately recalled and were replaced with new tapes with the "Book Your Party Online Promo". Studio C stores received upgrades blocking the intermission. The reason why this intermission was cancelled is unknown.

Chuck E's Holiday Party 2001 - Stores that received the 2001 version of Chuck E's Holiday Party did not have the birthday promo at the end of it. And, a brand new music intermission, "Shirt Painting", was created onto Intermission 4 that had the Holiday Party shirts being made for the Department 18 crew.

Department 18 Cameos - Robert Gotcher makes a cameo as a dancer in "Big Bad Santa". And as mentioned above, "Commercial Free Christmas" featured Jeremy Blaido.

Book Your Party Promo - As mentioned before, this promo was added to showtapes recalled because of "Commercial Free Christmas". It takes place last in the Existing Stages version show schedule, and retires in the 2001.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break video is the Chuck E's Holiday Party logo.

Chuck E's Holiday Party Logo - The show logo is a computer animated Christmas-decorated room, with a TV that shows different clips. The other part of the logo is the text Chuck E's Holiday Party and a picture of Chuck E's head bobbing.

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

It was fun working during this show...I knew it got me into the Christmas spirit! I really liked the ending of Skit One when Larry cues the fire place and Chuck E's stage (Studio C) would glow an orange color like the fire was reflecting off the was such a cool effect. I thought it was also cool how each of the Fab Five got their own song in the show too. Chuck E's Holiday Party was a great show with fun holiday songs and intermissions. Happy Holidays!