Segment 1
"Rhythm Is Gonna Get You"
"Cheese Pizza Is Pure Delight"

Intermission 1
Eddie Coker: "Morning Dance"
Wear Your Helmet Promo
Drawing Chuck E

Segment 2
"Land Down Under"
"We Are The Same"

Intermission 2
VeggieTales: "The Dance Of The Cucumber"
Coke Spot
Baking With Betty (Studio C Only)

Segment 3
"Song From England" / "Auf Wiedersehen" / "Irish Lullaby" / "Allouette" / "We Went To Italy"
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Intermission 3
Eddie Coker: "Say Hello"
Clowns Making A Sandwich (Studio C Only)

Segment 4
"Boat Of Love" / "We Sail The Ocean Blue"
"We All Love Music"

Intermission 4
VeggieTales: "The Yodeling Veterinarian Of The Alps"
Chuck E Cheese In The Galaxy 5000 Promo

The Fabulous World Adventure is the best of the themed shows of 1999! The storyline follows Chuck E and his friends as they relive their trip around the world, thanks to slides and footage provided by Larry the stage manager. They traveled around the world in their All Terrain Winnebago (or ATW for short)... visiting almost every continent, including Africa, Australia, Europe, Asia, and South America. The whole show was put together very nicely... showing that a little education, traveling, and Chuck E Cheese equals a lot of fun!

But what was truly interesting about this show are the major differences between the Studio C and Existing Stage versions. For one, Bird talked to Chuck E about the trip between songs instead of the band, and there were extra intermissions to make live show programming easier. I go into the differences more below, but all the tweaks for the Studio C version definitely makes this particular show superior to the Existing Stage version.

Studio C (Part 1) - The Fabulous World Adventure was the first show to use the puppets for Chuck E's friends instead of costume characters. The backgrounds for the puppets are white with splattered paint all over it. Pasqually wears his white apron, red & white checkered shirt, a chef's hat, & a red bandana. Munch isn't wearing any clothes. Helen wears a green & yellow cheerleader outfit. Jasper wears his blue overalls, white shirt, red bandana, and brown cowboy hat.

Studio C (Part 2) - The puppets only appear on screen during certain songs. When they aren't main vocals on songs, the World Adventure logo pops up in their place. Helen only appears during "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You", and Jasper only appears during "We All Love Music". All the characters appear during the "European Medley" and "We Sail The Ocean Blue".

Studio C (Part 3) - The Studio C version is dramatically different from the Existing Stages version. The most noticable difference is the speaking role of Bird between the songs. While Chuck E and the band explain the trip, Bird would interupt and ask questions and make comments. This show was Bird's only, and final, speaking role. Duncan Brennan provided Bird's voice.

Studio C (Part 4) - Other than different audio tracks for the segments, the Studio C version has extra intermissions for this show. These made intermissions longer to give time to program live shows, and since Studio C was the hot new thing at the time - these special intermissions made this show much better than the Existing Stage version. These intermissions are 'Clowns Making A Sandwich' and (the first episode of) 'Baking With Betty'.

Studio C (Part 5) - There is no curtain diversity for the Studio C version.

Existing Stages (Part 1) - There is no curtain diversity for any of the Existing Stages.

Existing Stages (Part 2) - Drawing Chuck E appears lastly in Intermission 4. The list above is the Studio C line-up.

Character Songs (Part 1) - Jasper sings "Cheese Pizza is Pure Delight" in the Existing Stage version, while Chuck E sings it in the Studio C format. I consider both versions really well done!

Character Songs (Part 2) - Helen sings "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You" & "We Are The Same". Pasqually sings "Irish Lullaby" in the European Medley. And Jasper sings "Cheese Pizza" in the Existing Stages version of this show. Munch has no songs.

Character Songs (Part 3) - Mike Manly, of Super Jasper fame, had his own song in the show! He sang "Boat of Love"! A surprisingly perfect character choice for that song! Jeremy Blaido provides Mike's voice.

Originals & Parodies - "Cheese Pizza" is a parody of "Cheese Burger In Paradise", "Land Down Under" and "We Sail The Ocean Blue" are the same but with tweaked lyrics, and some of the songs in the European medley have also been tweaked ("England" and "Italy"). "Boat Of Love", "We Are The Same", and "We All Love Music" are originals. The rest are covers of real songs.

Larry - Larry the stage manager (voiced by Duncan Brennan) plays a minor role in this show by playing the slide projector for Chuck E. The video used for Larry are from previous Larry intermissions.

Eddie Coker - Eddie Coker actually had his own part in the show...he played the three characters in the Sydney Opera house in Segment 2. He was a professional opera singer you know! Two more of his music videos have been used in this show, including "Say Hello" - a perfect fit in this world adventure showtape.

Baking With Betty - This first episode introduces the fast talking and long-winded Betty, who's show Pasqually watches to get some really great recipes. Unfortunately for him, Betty never finishes her recipes by either going off topic, or talking really fast. Betty is voiced by Jeremy Blaido.

Drawing Chuck E - This music intermission is an overhead view of an artist drawing Chuck E in under a minute.

Clowns Making A Sandwich - This intermission has two goofy clowns trying to make a sandwich. Want more pepper?

Department 18 Cameos - Robert Gotcher makes a cameo as the pirate who pops out of the chest in "We Sail The Ocean Blue"

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break music is the instrumental of "We Are The Same". The video is the Fabulous World Adventure show logo.

Fabulous World Adventure Logo - The logo for this show is a CGI Earth with "Fabulous World Adventure" text circling it.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

The Fabulous World Adventure holds a special place in my heart because that was the first show I saw when I got a job at Chuck E Cheese's. But I also thought it was cool because it is has excellent songs & intermissions (Studio C version of course). I really love all the songs in this show, including "Rhythm is Gonna Get You" and "Land Down Under". The intermissions were awesome, especially in the Studio C version - my favorites including the two Eddie Coker songs, the two VeggieTales shorts, and the first Baking With Betty. One of the last really well done themed shows with fun music and funny intermissions....and really great dialogue segments.