Segment 1
"Fun Fun Fun"

Intermission 1
Time To Fly! (Studio C Only)

Segment 2
"Celebrate America"

Intermission 2
Chuck E's Home Movies At The Beach

Segment 3
"Good Old Summertime"
"Pizza Cabana"

Intermission 3
At The Zoo
Let's Take Flight! (Studio C Only)
Book Your Party Online Promo

This show's theme is really simple: things to do during the summer, including celebrating Independence Day. This show is very short... the whole show clocks in under a half hour. But despite how short it is, Summertime was a nice break between the April Show and September Show, plus the songs in it are really well themed.

Studio C (Part 1) - There is no curtain diversity in Studio C.

Studio C (Part 2) - The Studio C puppet backgrounds are the same colors as the Just For Kids Show - except for Munch who's color has been changed from amber to orange. The background design are really neat patterns that you would find on a Hawaiian shirt.

Studio C (Part 3) - The Studio C intermission line-up has extra intermissions called Interactives. These Interactives make intermissions longer for live show programming, and to give that blue screen stage a purpose. The two Interactive intermissions, "Time To Fly!" and "Let's Take Flight!", are stock footage set to generic music.

Existing Stages - There is no curtain diversity for any of the Existing Stages.

Character Songs - Helen's song is "America". "Good Old Summertime" is considered Munch's song, and Jasper and Pasqually have no songs in this show.

Pizza Cabana - "Pizza Cabana" is a parody of Barry Manilow's "Copa Cabana".

Good Old Summertime - "Good Old Summertime" is a song cover, but has real funky music.

Intermissions - "Wildlife" (also known as "For The Birds") is stock footage of different birds, "At The Beach" is CEC original video footage of Chuck E and friends at the beach (the music is actually reused from the September 1998 Show), and "At The Zoo" is CEC original footage of the local Fort Worth Zoo.

Helen Henny - Annagrey takes over Helen Henny's speaking role in this show. Previously she only did Helen's singing voice.

Book Your Party Promo - Just like in previous shows, the promo takes place last in the show schedule. In the Studio C version, Chuck E's curtains open during the promo.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break video is the Summertime 2000 show logo.

Summertime Logo - The logo is an overhead view of a guy mowing "Summertime" into the grass. Then it gets watered and flowers sprout, while butterflies fly overhead.

-2 out of 5 Tokens-

I didn't really like the first version of Summertime. It was too short (which they fixed in the second version). It got really repetitive fast. The other sad note of the show were no good intermissions. But on the other hand, this show contained two fun songs that I'll always remember: "Pizza Cabana" and "Good Old Summertime".