Segment 1
"Larger Than Life"
"House Of Bamboo"

Intermission 1
VeggieTales: "I Can Be Your Friend"
Baking With Betty

Segment 2
"Pretty Little Angel Eyes"
"Ace In The Hole"

Intermission 2
Eddie Coker: "One Big Family"
WFW Babysitter

Segment 3
"Combo #5"
"We Got The Beat"

Intermission 3
VeggieTales: "The Water Buffalo Song"
Wacky Pirates In The Outfield

Segment 4
"Ready To Run"
"Jump Shout Boogie"

Intermission 4
VeggieTales: "Endangered Love"
Flying Footage
Book Your Party Online Promo

This show has a variety of different genres of songs...similar to the The Chuck E. Cheese Show (September 2000). This includes current hits, such as a parody of the Backstreet Boys' "Larger Than Life" and a parody of Lou Bega's "Mambo #5" (Combo #5), and the Dixie Chicks' "Ready To Run"....and this also includes classic songs such as "Pretty Little Angel Eyes", "We Got The Beat", and "Jump Shout Boogie". There is something for everyone in this show...and it is a definite winner, following closely the formula that made The Chuck E Cheese Show awesome.

The intermissions are spectacular in this show...featuring three great VeggieTales songs, a nice Eddie Coker song, two hilarious original intermissions, and the second episode of the popular 'Baking With Betty' series.

Studio C (Part 2) - The Studio C puppet backgrounds are the same colors and designs from The Chuck E Cheese Show.

Existing Stages - Chuck E's curtains remain closed during Helen's "Ready To Run".

Character Songs - Helen has two songs in this show: "Ready To Run" and "House Of Bamboo". Jasper sings "Ace In The Hole", and Munch sings "Combo #5". Pasqually has no solo in this show.

Parodies - "Larger Than Life" is a parody of the Backstreet Boys song of the same name, and "Combo #5" is a parody of Lou Bega's "Mambo #5".

Larger Than Life - "Larger Than Life" features the second appearance of the Muffin Boys, although they do not sing like in "The Muffin Man" (Just For Kids Show, April 2000).

Baking With Betty - This time around Betty gets off to a great start on a trail-mix recipe, until one of the ingredients gets her side tracked (once again) on a long winded, pointless story. Poor Pasqually!

Wacky Pirates In The Outfield - Wacky Pirates parodies the movie "Angels In The Outfield". Our heroes are losing their little league game, so wacky pirates come to help bring them glory and win the game! The Department 18 Productions logo is shown on the Wacky Pirates intermission. Wacky Pirates also has a musical selection from the Studio C Character Diagonstics.

WFW Babysitter - In this clever in-house intermission, parents hire a wrestler to babysit their children...and fun ensues!

Flying Footage - This is a music intermission with stock footage of early airplanes.

Department 18 Cameos (Part 1) - Jeremy Blaido makes a cameo apperance as the producer in "We Got the Beat".

Department 18 Cameos (Part 2) - Matt Schartz appears in the curly-hair wig in "Larger Than Life", and as a back-up singer in "Pretty Little Angel Eyes".

Book Your Party Promo - Just like in previous shows, the promo takes place last in the show schedule. In the Studio C version, Chuck E's curtains open during the promo. This is the last show to feature the Book Your Party Online Promo.

Birthday Break - The Birthday Break video is the January 2001 Show logo.

January 2001 Show Logo - The Studio C logo appears on screen, and then clips of previous CEC shows shows up (from 2000 shows), and then the CEC TV text pops in. The Studio C logo (a drawing of Chuck E behind his Studio C desk) only pops up for the Studio C version, of course. The Existing Stages version only has the clips and the CEC TV text.

-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

I love the variety of music in this show...pop, country, oldies, etc. "Combo #5", "Pretty Little Angel Eyes", "House Of Bamboo", and the other songs are very catchy and good choices for this fun-filled show. It seems to have something for everybody when using classic songs and current hits. The intermissions are also great, and I think the best ones are the Baking With Betty episode and the VeggieTales' "Endangered Love". The logo for this show is really first shows clips from the last couple of shows, then (in the Studio C version) a picture of the Studio C Chuck E appears, and then it says 'CEC TV'.

This show is wonderful...I love all the songs and intermissions! This show and The Chuck E Cheese Show are among my personal favorites...and it is all because of the great classic and modern song choices. CEC TV was excellent!!!