Segment 1
"Everybody Wants To Rule The World"

Intermission 1
Madagascar 2 DVD Promo
Bike Riding

Segment 2
"Working In A Coal Mine"

Intermission 2
ETV Spot (Excercise Spot #1)

Segment 3
"Tarzan Boy"
"Goodbye To You"

Intermission 3
Artist Spotlight
CEC Commercial

Segment 4
"I Think Were Alone Now"
"Little Bit Of 80's"

Intermission 4
ETV Spot (Excercise Spot #2)

Hey everyone I want to start my wishing everyone a very happy new year. And what a way to start the new years than with a brand new show! That's right the last new show we had was April 08 (man has it been that long?) We have been anticipating this show for awhile now and boy this show does not disappoint at all! This is also the first show that has a theme to it. It has been since CEC Rockin' Rhymes that we have had a show with a theme so this is quite a treat and of course the songs are themed to... you guessed it 80's songs.

The first song starts with Chuck singing two Tears for Fears songs. Now since this whole show is themed around 80's songs and of course the reference to the other "Pizza Place" of the 80's which was of course, well as Chuck E said, "That's SHOWBIZ". Second segment has Jasper singing the Devo version of "Working in a Coalmine". After that Pasqually tries one of his (horrible) jokes of the 80's. After some jokes from Pasqually the band goes into Men at Work song "Overkill". Once that ghost appeared and faded away Chuck E introduces the band. On to the next segment takes us through the jungle with the song "Tarzan Boy" and following that song Chuck E. tries to teach Jasper some new tricks. Following that Helen goes into her version of the Scandal's "Goodbye to You". The video of the song was basically a salute to the actual video. On to the final segment it starts off with Helen singing Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now" at the end of the song Jasper makes the comment about how did Helen's "MALLTOUR" went. After that Chuck E and the band go into there original song "Little Bit of 80's". A song that references Members Only Jackets, The Cosby Show, Back to the Future, Michael Jackson's moonwalk, and MC Hammer.

Character Songs - Chuck E sings "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", "Shout", "Overkill", "Tarzan Boy", and "Little bit of 80's". Helen sings "Goodbye to You", and "I Think We're Alone Now". Jasper sings "Working in a Coalmine". Munch and Pasqually do not have any solos in this show.

Dept 18 Originals - "Little Bit of 80's" is the only Dept 18 original in the entire show.

Dept 18 Cameos - Michael Hill make a very quick cameo in the "Little Bit of 80's" song. If you blink your definitely gonna miss it.

Show Logo - The logo goes with the theme of the show. It shows CEC TV in 3 different forms. One's in space with shooting stars, the other one is similar to the star one but it shows "CEC TV" in yellow, and the last one is "CEC TV" in pink and the background is white and has a random squiggly line behind it.

ShowBiz Pizza Place Reference - As we all know there was a reference to another "Pizza Place" which was in fact a reference to "ShowBiz Pizza Place" which was CEC's competition in the early 80's until they bought out CEC in 1984.

-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

I've got to say I was very impressed with this show. The song selection was great and definitely very 80's. The programming for the different versions of the shows was very well done. The fact they actually referenced ShowBiz in this show is definitely another cool moment in this show. This show gets 4.5 rating - very well done. Show dialogue was good and so were the songs. And just like Chuck said there is a little bit of 80's in all of us.