-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This is an excellent, high energy live show! The show starts off like any other live at this time with the intro and the main song, but this live show has a special interactive portion for audience participation! The special section is called "Rhymin' Rap" and is divided up into 3 individual nursury rhymes. Each are reproduced into raps and the way it's played is the band describes the next rhyme in a riddle, then you have to rap the rhyme...and the audience must get through each rap without messing up or stopping, or the band wins. The first rhyme is "Humpty Dumpty", then "Mary, Mary Quite Contrary", then finally "The Cat And The Fiddle".

This is a really fun live show! The audience participation section adds that third demension and kind of makes it a well rounded live show. Even though the graphics could have been more, the music and song selection really take your attention away from the televisions. This live show definitely deserves paws way up!!!