-5 out of 5 Tokens-

Havin A Party was one of the first original and best live shows ever created! This live show is actually two songs in one...the first half was an energetic song called "Havin A Party", then there was a small break explaining the meaning of having a party, and then the final song was "Chuck E's Place"...which wasn't as peppy as "Havin A Party" but gave the live show an awesome finale. This whole live was very long but very fun, and it helped craft what a good live show should be like.

In January 2001 "Havin A Party" was completely redone with new footage and voice actors. "Chuck E's Place" was completely discarded for the new remake. This live show was recorded on March 24th, 1992 and appeared in stores in September 1992. Fellow fan and friend, Danny Eyheralde, gave me some more information about this live show: "Havin A Party" and "Chuck E's Place" were first songs in the January 1991 show. Havin A Party's music was set to a song called "Treat 'Em Like You Wanna Be Treated". Thank you Danny for the information!!!

This was probably the best live show ever!!! Despite its long length, this live is full of energy and fun, and will always hold a place in anybody who ever performed it's heart.