-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

Chuck E's Fiesta Mexicana was a short and sweet live show, and full of pep! The video footage was pretty funny...there are no costume characters, just a bunch of cast members doing the dance routine with little kids. Guess Chuck wanted to sit this one out! Similar to Chuck E March, the final half of Fiesta Mexicana required you to dance around the showroom. This is definitely kids' favorite thing to do!

Oh boy, the store I worked at wouldn't do any other live than this one. The reasons: 1) Easy dance routine - it tells you what to do. 'Right left right!' Clap! Clap! 2) It was very short and to the point 3) Running around the showroom is fun! Kids love to do that. It was a fun live, and we were all very disappointed when it retired in 2000. Another one of those lives that you will never forget how to perform.