-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

The Macarena was a huge dance craze that hit the world in the mid-90's...so of course Chuck E. Cheese's would jump on the bandwagon and make a great LIVE show based on this Spanish dance song. (At one point in time you could even play this song on the jukebox on the official CEC website).

Macarena is one of the best LIVE Shows based on a real song! What makes this LIVE so fun is because it is (after all) based on a popular dance song...so the routine to this LIVE was already established, and (at the time) everybody knew how to dance to the Macarena. The CEC version was very well done, and my favorite part was the beginning of this LIVE, when Chuck E. snickers, "A New Jersey mouse, singin Spanish...go figure!" LOL!