-4 out of 5 Tokens-

You gotta cut loose! Foot loose! Kick off your Sunday shoes....This fun song made a great, energetic live show! This is probably one of the best "real songs turned into CEC live show" songs to date! The video footage for Footloose live is Chuck E and his friends dancing around. Footloose was an actual song in the first MMBB showtape (C.U. Premiere)...and years later the song makes a rockin' live!

The first live show I ever learned as a costume character, this song really rocked as a live! The routine we made for this song was full of energy and excitement. This is what a real live show is suppose to be like, full of enthusiasm and unique routine moves, followed always by a round of applause by the audience. I'll never forget doing this live show...we really brought the house down!