-2 out of 5 Tokens-

With high hopes of fun, new lives after "Footloose" and the reissued "Celebration", we get that farmer who had a dog named Bingo. Talk about discouraging...but despite the awful original video footage (sock puppet dogs and a costume character dog running around a farm) and music, the kids always love this song and interacting with it.

Okay, so it is the kids that count, right? And despite how boring and repetitive this live is, it is still 1) interactive with the kids and 2) a song that everybody in the universe knows, so everybody can sing along. But there are also two things why this live deserves Paws Down, and those reasons are 1) boring video footage and 2) how can you make a fun, interesting dance routine to this?! When I see a cast do this live, they stand still like zombies until the clapping part. Talk about boring. How about a fast pace version with a dog named Jasper?