-4 out of 5 Tokens-

A fun live show played to a classic dance song! Break out that limbo stick and see how low can you go! The video footage is taken entirely from the live's show counterpart, The Chuck E Cheese Show. All the footage is from the "Good Vibrations" song.

Limbo Rock has been reissued as a Road Show in 2004, and is slightly shorter than its live show version.

This was a fun live show to do, as the costume character and as a cast member. Even in the costume I still did the limbo, and the little kids enjoyed being a part of the live (which also made parents happy). It was an all around great live show...you can never lose with interactivity for a live! Plus this is a classic song...like "YMCA" and "Celebration", it is a no brainer that "Limbo Rock" would make a great live!!!