-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

Birthday Star 2001 is a remake of the original Birthday Star with the current voice actors. It is almost dead on to the original, except for slightly different voices, video footage, and music. This is the first remake of Birthday Star, although it has gone through many different incarnations throughout the 90's. There is also a very short version (1 minute to be exact) of Birthday Star 2001 for Road Shows. All it does is play the 'clap your hands' part and the 'happy birthday' song part, and skip Jasper's solo and the 'get ready to blow out your candles' part. The video footage is a variety of different recycled footage.

Birthday Star (the 2001 version) will always be a classic birthday song! It is fun to perform to, and the kids seem to enjoy the clapping your hands and stopping your feet parts. Remember that the most important thing about live shows when you are a cast member is to get really enthusiastic and have fun. That will make the live show even better for the guests!!!! Birthday Star is a great song and it sounds even better with the new voice actors! Although they did an excellent job with the singing, the music for this live doesn't measure up to the original, and it seems a bit slower than it should be. But nonetheless, this is a classic CEC birthday song that I'm sure all of us enjoy!