-4 out of 5 Tokens-

Something completely fresh and original from the aging Birthday Star, the new Birthday Song will delight kids with its interaction and energy! This song is very energetic, and if Chuck E characters and Chuckettes have enough enthusiasm, they can pull this new birthday song off with flying colors! It is really fresh and different, and many of you looking at it negatively give it another chance. Pretend Birthday Star never existed and you have been performing this song instead for years, or look at it from a guest's point of view...you will see the whole song in a different light.

Eddie Coker wrote the song and has a minor singing role in it. There is a lot of footage of Studio C Beta in the background of the video, and the show playing in the background is the January 2002 Show.

Despite all the negativity I have been hearing about this song, I really enjoy it and I think it will make birthday kids very happy...which is the most important aspect of live shows. It is interactive, energetic, and something different from the tiring Birthday Star. I know some of you are stuck in the past and don't like changes...but sometimes changes are for the better. Chuck E Cheese is always changing, and that is why it is so different and special from other entertainment restaurants. The only problem I could possibly see with this song is that it is very long. But don't forget, the birthday song is the highlight of any birthday party, so give the song another chance and make the most out of it! "Na, na, na, na, na...Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you!"