-3 out of 5 Tokens-

Keeping with the retro-like theme with its show counterpart (the September 2003 Show), "Makin' It" is a fun and funky live show that you can have a lot of fun dancing to! The video footage is "Chuck E Live" text that bounces with the song's beat. "Makin' It" is a David Naughton song.

"Makin' It" really does make it as a good live show. It isn't as spectacular as the previous live show "YMCA 2003", but nonetheless Department 18 chose the perfect disco song for a live show. What I like the best about this live other than it being very upbeat, is that it ties in perfectly with the songs and such from the September 2003 Show. Keeping the live show themed to the showtape is a great idea. I have mentioned this before countless times, but I'll mention it again...I wish they used the puppets in the Studio C version during this live just like what they did with "Locomotion" in 2002. I like the idea of showing Chuck E's friends singing along during live shows.

Finally, I really want to say something here to all the cast members out there: Have fun doing live shows! Get outrageous...go crazy! Make your live shows memorable to all guests and birthday stars. "Makin' It" is a perfect live show to go a little crazy with: Go to a party shop and get some cheap party favors, alfro wigs, crazy costumes, etc...and really boogie down with this live! I can't stress how dressing up and having fun with live shows can relieve stress in the workplace and entertain high paying guests at the same time. So crank up the show volume, throw on your retro costumes, and 'make it' a memorable live show! After all, you only have a few months before it retires!