-3 out of 5 Tokens-

We've had many versions of "Old MacDonald" in the shows throughout the years, and finally made it as a live. While it's currently unavailable on stage, it appears on the new Road Show generic disc. "Old MacDonald" first appeared on the September 2005 Road Show. It is also on the September 2005 Show dvds, but is unaccessible. The video footage for this live show is from the May 1992 Show's "Old MacDonald". Jasper and the others do not sing back up for this live...instead children sing along with Chuck E.

I knew it was only a matter of time before "Old MacDonald" would become a live show; and this one is a worthy version. It's fast pace and different than the other kiddie lives, especially since children sing back up instead of the band. I admit it works, especially for its subject matter. Hopefully the live show version will debute soon...CEC is really lacking with a variety of generics. So brush up on your animal sounds and enjoy the new "Old MacDonald" live!