-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

"Nobody But Me" is a classic Human Beinz song that everyone knows and enjoys - and it's a perfect choice for a CEC live show. The video footage is a mix of all the new video used in the segments of this live's showtape counterpart, the April 2005 Show. The showtape cameos of Jeremy from "Free Ride" and Matt, Ryan, and Robert from "Disco Inferno" are also included.

"Nobody But Me" is exactly how I like live shows...short and sweet. While "YMCA" and "Hand Jive" are epic, winded performances..."Nobody But Me" is a quick, fast-paced yet simple song to perform to. Here is a live that feeds you routine cues, and has choruses perfect for guest interaction. Plus it is very short - so all those children (...not to mention cast members) don't quickly lose interest as I have been finding with the last few live show covers.

And I think the video footage works well too. The collection of footage from the April 2005 Show makes this live a perfect counterpart for it. With all the character footage and the dancing from "Disco Inferno" (that hot dog cart guy creeps me out...just kiddin' Ryan) - the energetic video really enhances this live show experience. I've always thought this song would make a fun live show...so two paws up to Department 18 for adapting another great live show cover! But as always, it is up to the performing cast members to make it a winner.