Valid Live Shows
"If You're Happy & You Know It"
"Havin' A Party" (2001)
"Go Santa Go"
"CEC Swing"
"CEC March" (2001)
"CEC Says" (2002)
"CEC Shuffle" (2006)
"Chicken Dance" (2008)

Valid Road Shows
"Patriotic Live" (2000)
"Chicken Dance" (2008)

Valid Birthday Shows
"Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Extravaganza" (2008)

Here is a list of valid lives, road shows, & birthday shows you can play or request at your CEC! And as of 1/1/08, the only thing Chuck E. Cheese's are supposed to be using is the new Birthday Extravaganza! Check out the review, and see the show now playing near you!