Show Segment 1
"I Feel Pretty"
"Hawaiian Wedding Song"

Show Segment 2
"I've Got The World on a String"
"When You're Smiling"
"Love Makes the World Go Round"

Show Segment 3
"Jasper's Texas Show" (Long Tall Texan, The Yellow Hound Of Texas)

Show Segment 4
"England Swings"
"Arriverderci Roma"
"April in Paris"
"Lady of Spain"
"South of the Border"
"Rio De Janeiro"
"Bali Ha'i"
"This Land Is Your Land"

Show Segment 5
"Beyond the Blue Horizon"
"Where the Boys Are"
"It's a Big Wide Wonderful World"

Show Segment 6
"Western Heartbroken Songs" (Red River Valley, Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do), Howlin' At The Moon, If I Had as Much Money (As You Don't Love Me))

Show Segment 7
"Lady of Oink"
"I'm a Conservative"
"You Must Have Been a Beautiful Piglet"
"C'est Magnifique / She's Too Fat For Me"

Show Segment 8
"Lady of Oink"
"Thank Heaven for Little Boys"
"Baby Face"

Show Segment 9
"Roots in the Country"

Show Segment 10
"Lady of Oink"
"Ah, Paree!"
"I Love Paris"
"Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay"

Show Segment 11
"Money, Money"

Special Show Segments
"Birthday One, Honey Bun"
"Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Baby"
"Birthday Chant / Song"
"Cheer - Trumpets"
"Pasqually's Chuck E. Intro"
"Christmas Medley" (Silver Bells, Fa-La-La, The Christmas Song, Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, We Wish You a Merry Christmas)

This tape, titled "Around the World with Madam Oink" has a mixture of newly recorded material along with some classic songs recycled from the earliest days of Pizza Time Theatre. Several songs are themed to different places around the world, while others completely shy away from that topic. There's also a handful of shows that do not include any vocals by Madam Oink at all.

Numbering Confusion - It is our strong belief that this tape is Madam Oink II. Apparently an empty reel exists that actually refers to it as the second Oink tape, however the PTT Theatrical Standards Manual refers to it as Oink I. The Theatrical Standards Manual Supplement continues to list it as Oink I, but then mysteriously skips ahead to Oink III. Perhaps the confusion stems from the fact that this was the 1st Oink reel to be used on the Stage (balcony) and not just the Shelf (portraits), as we believe the original Madam Oink tape was.

Madam Oink - It should also be noted that the early portrait version of Oink was spelled "Madam", while the later version from the balcony era was spelled "Madame". This particular showtape continues to use the earlier spelling of "Madam".

Madam Oink Skits - As stated above, many of the shows on this tape have been recycled from earlier tapes and are not exclusive to this reel. The segments which actually contain Oink are Segment 1, Segment 2, Segment 4, Segment 5, Segment 7, Segment8, Segment 10, and Segment 11.

Roots in the Country - This was one of the earliest shows recorded, and likely appeared on the original PTT showtape. It was reused in the "PTT Intro Show", which is believed to originally have contained Crusty.

Around the World Stage - This showtape contained a special set of props when installed on a balcony stage - above the center-stage characters were three hanging clouds (one above Jasper, Chuck E, and Oink). And three different background props were used - these were building facades of famous places around the world (Big Ben tower, pyramids, etc), and behind the props was a backdrop that included more famous images such as the Eiffel Tower, etc.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

This is one of my personal favorites, and I'm surprised how good it is considering how early it was produced. A lot of the other "compilation" tapes released during the Shelf/Portrait era were pretty rough around the edges. I guess this one is too, but it does contain a lot of genuine humor and you can definetely feel that the cast had a lot of fun recording it. More than in any of the other Oink tapes, here you really get the contrast of the prim and proper Madam Oink thrown alongside the crude Pizza Time Player "nitwits". They definetely have a good laugh taking jabs at Madam Oink about her weight and the pronunciation of her name. There's also a few references to her romantic relationship with Pasqually which is something that's hinted at in other early showtapes (even without Madam Oink as the guest).

I really get the impression that this showtape my have recycled some of the original Madam Oink skits from the very early days. Other tapes from this era (Sally I and Foxy Colleen in Irish Stew come to mind) have very limited segments that include the guest, maybe 4 or 5. This one contains 8. But the strange thing is that many of them have a themed "Lady of Oink" intro, and they have more to do with Oink herself than any sort of "around the world" theme. They also sound like they were recorded inside a bathroom, which is typical of the earliest shows. It is my strong feeling that many, if not all, of the early Oink recordings were recycled and added to this showtape.