Show Segment 1
"Spinning Wheel"
"Make Me Smile"
"You've Made Me So Very Happy"

Show Segment 2
"She Loves You"
"I Want to Hold Your Hand"
"Hard Day's Night"
"It Won't Be Long"
"Chuck E. Cheese's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Sgt Pepper Parody)

Show Segment 3
"Let's Twist Again"
"The Fly"
"The Watusi"
"The Locomotion"
"Keep on Dancing"

Show Segment 4
"Roll Over Beethoven"
"Ain't That a Shame"
"Hearts of Stone"
"See You Later Alligator"

Show Segment 5
"Ahab the Arab"
"Please Mr. Custer"
"Witch Doctor"
"Purple Pizza Eater"

Show Segment 6
"Do The Hustle" (Intro)
"Get Up and Boogie"
"Bad Girls"
"Staying Alive"
"You Should Be Dancing"

Special Show Segments
"Warblettes Oldies Birthday"
"Pasqually's Birthday Rock"
"My Girlfriend's Birthday"
"Happy, Happy Birthday Baby"
"KCEC Birthday"
"Disco Birthday"
"Cheer - Bandstand Cheer"
"Pasqually's Chuck E. Intro" (Bandstand)

This is the second installment of Chuck E's Bandstand, which takes the audience through new decades and genres of music. There's a few new surprises and memorable songs in this show, and the main theme of "KCEC Pizza Radio" is carried over from Bandstand 1. The main show themes here are a tribute to the famous horn bands, a Beatles-themed show, a show dedicated to famous dances, a tribute to the 1950's, silly rock and roll songs, and a disco show. All of the bandstand themed birthday and special shows are also included on this showtape.

Bandstand Cosmetics - For this show the, characters were all dressed in special outfits - giving each character a tie-in to either a famous muscian or muscial genre. Chuck E. Cheese was dressed in a sparkly blue vest with red bowtie and wore a pair of star-shaped glasses (a la Elton John). Helen was dressed like a punk rocker, Pasqually like a beatnik (with a special set of bongo drums in place of his usual accordian). Jasper wore a large blonde wig.

Bandstand Stage - Although most showtapes that played at PTT came with special props and backdrops, all photos and videos of the "Bandstand" stage, have the characters in special outfits as outlined above - yet the stage itself recycles the "Broadway" stage used previously in the
Broadway Helen Henny tape. This is likely a cost cutting measure due to PTT's financial troubles which were beginning (PTT filed for bankruptcy a year later in 1984).

Birthday / Special Shows - Bandstand 1 and Bandstand 2 included a group of banstand-themed birthday and special shows. There's a total of 6 new birthday shows that were recorded for these tapes - which is equal to the number of regular showtape segments contained on these reels!

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

I think this showtape is definetely one of the better Pizza Time Theatre "Helen" tapes. There's a few tracks that leave me with some unpleasant chills - the Beatles show for instance is particularly annoying and bad, but then again it's not always easy to cover the Beatles. The silly songs show is definetely my favorite - the idea that they put both "Ahab the Arab" and "Guitarzan" in the same medley gives this entire tape some bonus points in my book. The tribute to the horn bands like Blood Sweat and Tears, and Chicago is also fairly memorable.

I like the addition of so many "themed" birthday / special shows too - very cool that a special bandstand cheer was recorded, along with a bandstand intro for the live character was a plesant surprise. Too bad there wasn't more regular segments included, but then again this is part 2 of a set of tapes.