Show Segment 1
"Wonderful World"

Intermission 1
"8 Minute Countdown"

Show Segment 2
Music Video: "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" (California Raisins)

Intermission 2
"8 Minute Countdown"

Show Segment 3
"Surfin' Bird"
"Oye Mi Canto"

Intermission 3
"8 Minute Countdown"

Show Segment 4
Music Video: "That's What I Like" (Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers)

Intermission 4
"8 Minute Countdown"

Show Segment 5
"Rhythm of the Night"

Intermission 5
"8 Minute Countdown"

Show Segment 6
Music Video: "Breaking The Ice" (The Art of Computer Animation)

Intermission 6
"8 Minute Countdown"

Well, this show has some strange songs, odd footage...and weird is the only theme I see. There is a mention in the first skit that kids are back in school, but it's not the show's entire theme. The group does a great job on the song "September", but the show takes a dive in the second skit with Munch's version of "Surfin' Bird". "Surfin' Bird"'s already weird so it doesn't really help this show much. Helen does come to the rescue with Gloria Estefan's "Oye Mi Canto", which means 'Hear My Voice'. "Rhythm of the Night" as well as "Shout" are great and work well together. The third skit has a really cool segment called 'Pasqually's Amateur Hour', in which Pasqually tests his comedic skills. This would be a great thing for a 3 stage store back then, but would be cool today at any CEC! The 'Breaking of the Ice' video is neat because it really shows how much computer animation has improved in 13 years! 'Sign, Sealed, Delivered' is even an awesome song even though it is a California Raisins video!

Intermission Music - The intermission music is exactly the same as the CU Premiere's intermissions.

Song Recycling - "Rhythm of the Night" was reused on the first skit of the September 1991 Show.

Early Mention - The show contains one of the first mentions of Pasqually's Amateur Hour.

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

This show is has some good songs, but the dialogue isn't well scripted and the graphics aren't very good. The skits have weird music combinations and come across as boring and low budget. It's not that the preceeding show was really good, it justs seems like the choice of songs weren't right together. Some things were neat, like Pasqually's Amateur Hour. It was a great attempt to use his surrounding as part of a skit. "Rhythm Of The Night" is probably one of the best songs on this show, however the footage still wasn't very impressive.