Show Segments
"Viva Las Vegas"
"Rip It Up"
"Good Rockin' Tonight"
"Guitar Man"
"Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"
"Kentucky Rain"
"Burning Love"
"Heartbreak Hotel"
"I Got a Woman (I Got a Sweetie)"
"Monkey Business"
"Talk About the Good Times"

Birthdays / Special Segments
"Blue Suede Shoes / Hound Dog Birthday"
"Love Me Tender Birthday"
"Happy Happy Birthday Baby"
"King's Christmas Medley" (Santa Claus is Back in Town, Blue Christmas, Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me)

This is The King's second showtape from Pizza Time Theatre. Again, as with King I, this tape is a compilation of actual Elvis Presley recordings with custom intros and outtros added by a Pizza Time Theatre voice actor.

Viva Las Vegas - Here The King says this song was from a movie that was "shot on location at the Pizza Time Theatre in Las Vegas).

Wear My Ring Around Your Neck / Kentucky Rain - These songs have identical intros where The King dedicates them to "someone beautiful out there".

Heartbreak Hotel - The King mentions Chuck E. Cheese in this intro and tells about the lonely places he's stayed before hooking up with him. He also says they're going to "turn up the echo machine" for this song (which has a heavy reverb on it).

Monkey Business - During this song intro, The King talks about the secret to his success and describes parts of him that have nothing to do with it - like his black mane, his gold suit, and his big red guitar.

King's Christmas Medley - These songs, like the rest of the main showtape, are all Elvis' original recordings, however the voice actor doing the intros makes little segway comments between the different songs.

Birthday Tracks - All three of these are recorded by the same vocalist who does the intros, making them the only fully original recordings included on this showtape.

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

I think this tape was pretty good just like King I but with a little more variation in song choice which was nice - Elvis does have quite the expansive musical catalogue to choose songs from. It should be noted that there's a few variations of this tape including ones titled King II, Skit-King II Lounge #2, etc - some of which do not include the extra Birthday and Christmas tracks. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is between the tapes, but all I know is that these tracks are included on certain variations of King II.

Overall not a bad tape, much less interesting without the special shows tacked onto the end which some versions of the tape suffer from.