Segment 1
"Welcome In"

Segment 2
"Music Goes Round and Round"

Segment 3
"Gee, Our 1st Album Commercial"

Segment 4
"Little Sister"
"Dragstrip in the Sky"

Segment 5
"Goofy Gas Commercial"

Segment 6
"Goin' Crazy"
"My Love Intro Skit"
"My Love"

Segment 7
"Hamlet Skit"
"You May Be Right"

Segment 8
"Feelings Skit" (Feelings, You Light Up My Life, I Can't Get No Satisfaction)

Segment 9
"Crying Skit"

Segment 10
"Satisfaction Medley" (I Can't Get No Satisfaction, For Your Love, Born To Be Wild)

Segment 11

This showtape was where most of the songs from "Gee, Our 1st Album" first appeared. In fact, this showtape also includes a neat little commercial for that very album. There's also a high effort to create continuity between these early songs, and probably led to the more "themed" showtapes a few years later.

Goin' Crazy - Duke Chauppetta (Dook) wrote this original song.

Feelings/ Crying Skit - The "Feelings Skit" is one of my favorites, where Billy Bob can't sing anything that pleases Looney Bird. The "Crying Skit" where Billy Bob appologizing to Looney Bird for yelling at him didn't play out so well - apparently this particular crying skit received very bad reviews, and nothing like it was ever attempted again.

Welcome In - This show is the song that plays at the begining of the SPP/CEI Promo video. The interesting part is that the show actually contains Aaron Fechter's narration at the beginning.

Dragstrip in the Sky - This song performed by Mitzi was actually recycled from the Wolf Pack 5 tape that played at the first SPP in March 1980 - and even that was recycled from the original Wolf Pack 5 version. The original sang by Queenie went "Foxy was my boyfriend", and I guess when she was changed to Mini for ShowBiz they changed the lyrics to "Mickey was my boyfriend" (perhaps to make a connection to another well known mouse).

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

The amount of classic material on this tape is great, although there are a few odd-tracks that found their way into the tape such as "Dragstrip in the Sky". Around this period Creative Engineering was also trying to figure out different ways to make Billy Bob's voice sound better - many of the spoken tracks on this tape have the pitch adjusted, which made him sound overly squeaky.

All that aside, there are a ton of great songs included, and the way the setlist is tied together makes this a very cohesive showtape. After "You May Be Right" Billy Bob says the band got some requests to tone things down a bit, so he tried to play softer music in the "Feelings Skit". That's followed by the "Crying Skit" where he's appologizing to Looney behind closed curtains unaware that his mic is still on. At the conclusion of the "GOFA Commercial", Billy Bob says not to go anywhere because they'll be right back with the craziness of Beach Bear - which alludes to "Little Sister", which Rolfe follows up with transitional piece leading into "Dragstrip in the Sky". It's those little connections which make the tape flow really well and keep the audience wanting to hang around for more!

Please note that this tape was submitted to us with a few sketchy details. It was unlabled and undated so we don't have the proper title or date of release (which is why both are generic). If you have this tape and can show documentation of any details we're missing, please contact us!