Segment 1
"Disco Christmas" (Joy To The World, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, Jingle Bell Rock, Blue Christmas (Parody),
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, The Christmas Song, Here Comes Santa Claus, Jingle Bells, Hallelujah)

Segment 2
"When Will I Be Loved"
"On The Road Again"

Segment 3
"Rubber Biscuit"

Segment 4
"12 Days Of Christmas" (Rolfe and Earl Version)

Segment 5

Segment 6
"Secret Agent Man"

Segment 7
"Silent Night" (Dook Version)

Segment 8
"Feliz Navidad" (Rolfe and Earl Version)

Segment 9
"Happy Together"

Segment 10

Segment 11
"Night Before Christmas" (Rolfe and Earl Version)

Segment 12
"My Girl"

Segment 13
"In December"

Segment 14

The Christmas 1983 Showtape is a nice mixture of holiday favorites and a variety of random songs that make a nice break from the typical barrage of Christmas music. It is assumed that this tape was used for several years to come. An alternative version of this tape was made (many songs were re-recorded) which was known as the "Uncle Santa" showtape and was played in stores that had Uncle Klunk.

Rolfe and Earl Versions - This showtape contains a few Christmas songs know as the "Rolfe and Earl versions" (as opposed to the "Sun and Moon" versions). On the "Uncle Santa" showtape, Rolfe and Earl were absent, so the Sun and Moon were recorded to fill their roles - often times with quite different dialogue.

On the Road Again - At the end of this recording you can hear someone from CEI screwing around in the studio, and after the song is finished, a sarcastic "you dare me to leave it?" can be heard.

Disco Christmas - This show is from an earlier tape and uses the old voice actors for Beach Bear and Mitzi. This show also got CEI in trouble with ShowBiz because it sounds like Mitzi says something other than "walking" down Santa Claus Lane. Many records were pulled from shelves on account of this.

Elvira - This was an outtake from the original Country Night showtape.

12 Days of Christmas - This original version includes Rolfe and Earl on the 7th and 8th day - Rolfe singing about disco records, and Earl singing about x-ray specs.

Happy Together - This show was memorable for Shalisa because at the time she had a "little kiddie crush on Aaron".

Night Before Christmas - There's a mention by Fatz of Santa doing the "Uncle Klunk Shuffle" on a table.

Secret Agent Man - In this show, Earl makes a refrence to wearing a "bulletproof colander".

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

As far as Holiday Showtapes are concerned, they don't come much more well-rounded than this. A beautiful variety of holiday and non-holiday songs make for a great assortment of music. I also love the way that this tape includes many shows that didn't quite fit into the other Showtapes, or were cut as an outtake for whatever reason. It seems like this is as good a place as any to present those other shows and songs (that could very well have been scrapped and tossed in the archives never to be used).

Many of the songs on this tape were re-recorded to include Santa Claus, and in my opinion, these versions that include Rolfe and Earl are superior, and make better sense. There's some great lines in 'Night Before Christmas' such as Looney Bird saying "out of the showroom I flew like a flash, I slipped on the pavement and fell on my... head". Another great line has Earl saying "And Rolfe acting Dumb!", which is followed by Rolfe's upset comment "I'm NOT acting Earl!!" - just one of the reasons I really love these non-Santa recordings.