Segment 1
"Colander Gazette Promotion"
"Strain Your Brain"

Segment 2
"Earl's Colander Promo / Buddy Holly Intro Skit"
"Buddy Holly Medley" (That'll Be the Day, Oh Boy, Peggy Sue, Maybe Baby)

Segment 3
"Ezmerelda Memories Skit"
"Down in New Orleans"
"Fatz's Colander Promotion Skit"
"Pretty Woman"

Segment 4
"Teen Angel"

Segment 5
"State Songs Skit"
"Born To Run"

Segment 6
"Earl Colander Promo Skit #2"
"A Little 50's Rock And Roll" (Little Darling, Yakety Yak)

Segment 7
"Beach Boys Medley" (Good Vibrations, Barbara Ann)
"Walking The Dog"
"Mony Mony"

This showtape played during the "Crazy Colander Head Night" promotion at ShowBiz, where everyone was invited to decorate up a colander and wear it on their head to ShowBiz on wednesday nights. The Showtape, although heavily filled with Colander Promotion including an original song about colanders, also offers a wide variety of music including modern songs along with tributes to artists of old such as the Beach Boys and Buddy Holly. An overall crazy variety show, perfect for Colander Head Night.

Strain Your Brain - The Song "Strain Your Brain" was an original RAE song and ends with a strange string of gibberish which sounds strangely familar to the hidden track that begins the 1982 song "Satisfaction Medley".

Colander Night - This Showtape ran during the entire month, even though "Colander Head Night" was only officially on Wednesday nights. On that night, Colander Heads could be Indoctrinated by taking the oath (or the 'oat'). Once you became a Colander Head you received a membership card, and an 8 X 10" glossy of your favorite character wearing their colander, and if you came back every wednesday night for the entire month you could collect the whole set!

Colander Night - People were invited to bring in photos of themselves wearing their colanders and the winner of the craziest colander was awarded with an all expenses paid fanstasy vacation of a lifetime. Also everyone who showed up on wednesday night wearing a colander was given 6 free tokens and a free Coke.

State Songs - Fatz's original song "Louisiana" makes a cameo in this showtape during the State Songs segment. This song first appeared in the Tribute to Abbey Road showtape.

Earl's Colander Promotion - Strain Your Brain & Born To Run were both released on a vinyl record (#7) and a sales pitch was made for it during this showtape.

State Songs - All of Looney Bird's answers to the State Bird questions are incorrect during this dialouge. Also in this skit, Billy Bob mistakenly uses the word "Geometry" instead of "Geography".

Earl's Colander Promotion - Earl Mentions that in the "Colander Gazette" there's an article about Rolfe. This article talks about how Rolfe is trying to single handedly bring down the Colander movement - the photo of him shows him holding a sign that reads "Down with Colanders" in front of his only fan. The Colander Gazette has several interesting articles (most all of them fake) promoting the Colander Heads.

Special Shows - Although not officially part of the Showtape, there were 2 special shows that accompanied this tape as part of a new Birthday reel. It contained the 3 birthday shows ("Birthday", "Happy Birthday Medley", and "Sal's Birthday") and the 2 Special Colander shows - the "Indoctrination" and "History of the Colander". There was also a video made by CEI and sent out to all ShowBiz restaurants called the "1983 Save the Colander Telethon". This training video was made as a mock telethon to get employees psyched about the new promotion and also contained another training video on how to install the Colanders to the characters.

-4.5 out of 5 Tokens-

Arguably one of the best Rock-afire Showtapes, and easily one of the best remembered and most revered. Colander Head Night went beyond just being a showtape - it was the biggest promotional event in ShowBiz Pizza Place History. Decorating a Colander was a bit outlandish and strange, but it helped to bring fans together with the show - for the first time the employees, fans, and the Rock-afire characters interacted. This of course would have been lost had this showtape not been so good. This is one of the funniest showtapes ever recorded, especially with the creative intro segments and colander promotions.

One time while staying at Creative Engineering I stumbled upon several old photo albums that were packed with polaroids of children and families all wearing colanders. After SPP was done using these, they must have all been mailed to Creative - but there were literally hundreds of photos in these 4 books - and from what I've been told, that is just part of the entire batch of pictures. It really helped me to realize just how big and popular the Colander promotion was, and how many people took part in it!