Segment 1
"Banana Hill"

Segment 2
"School Days"

Segment 3
"Music Goes Round and Round"

Segment 4
"Mr. Bass Man"

Segment 5

Segment 6
"My Gal is Red Hot"

Segment 7
"Rubber Biscuit"

Segment 8

Segment 9
"You May Be Right"

Many of the selected ShowBiz stores that recieved the traveling character "Uncle Klunk" obtained him sometime in 1983 and this showtape, also known as the 'Klunk Installation' tape, was part of their shipment. This tape utilized only two stages: the Rock-afire center-stage and Billy Bob's stage, allowing for construction on Rolfe's / Klunk's stage. Also the shows on this tape all revolved around Fatz singing lead on almost every song. It could be considered a Fatz's greatest hits Showtape.

Mr. Bassman - This was quoted as being one of Bob Brock's (President of ShowBiz Pizza Place) personal favorites.

You May Be Right - This version is shortened from the regular version which includes the Rolfe and Earl skit "Hamlet". The lightning crash begins this turnicated version.

Elvira - This was an outtake from the original Country Night showtape.

-2 out of 5 Tokens-

They could have done so much more to make this showtape more fun and well-rounded. Many of the other characters had great solo songs that would have only utilized the 2 stages but were not included in this compilation. Plus I love Fatz and all, but hearing him sing time and time again is a little bit of an overload. Not a bad collection of songs, but Creative kinda dropped the ball on what could have been a much better tape. Perhaps they could be forgiven though, considering this showtape wasn't meant to run for very long.