Segment 1
"Trivia Question #1 - Science"
"She Blinded Me With Science"
"Trivia Question #2 - Austrailian Geography"
"Land Down Under"

Segment 2
"Trivia Question #3 - Elvis Medley Changes"
"Spanish Elvis Medley" (Blue Suede Shows, All Shook Up, Teddy Bear, Hound Dog, Burning Love, It's Now or
Never, Return to Sender, Puppet on a String, Fools Rush In)

Segment 3
"Trivia Question #4 - Who's Never Introduced a Show"
"Secrets That You Keep"

Segment 4
"Trivia Question #5 - Tubes Trivia"
"Talk to You Later"

Segment 5
"Trivia Question #6 - B.J. Thomas' First Song"
"B.J. Thomas Medley" (Eyes of a New York Woman, I'm so Lonesome I could Cry, Hooked on a Feeling, No Love at All)

Segment 6
"Letters To Looney Bird - Trivia Question #7"
"Bang on My Drum"

Segment 7
"Trivia Question #8 - Saliva"
"Our Lips are Sealed"

Segment 8
"Blues Brothers Medley" (Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Soul Man)

The gang mixes music, interesting facts, and trivia questions during this three set show. Most of the questions have some tie in with the songs. Everything from science questions, to what year a song was recorded, to what special twist the Rock-afire put on their version of the next song, to the just plain gross is covered.

Trivia Question #5 - This is the only show where Choo Choo (the baby bear beneath Dook's Drums) is mentioned by name by one of the characters.

Trivia Question #6 - Antioch (the birthday spider) makes a rare appearance and even asks a question in his distorted unintelligible voice. Generally Antioch is limited to just dropping down during the birthday shows, but he does make an occasional appearance in other showtapes as well.

Trivia Question #4 - Mitzi gets to introduce her very first show ever in this tape.

Letters To Looney Bird - There is an interesting Letters To Looney Bird segment in this show. It convieniently fits in very nicely because the letters contain trivia questions written in by fans.

Tape Revision - There is an alternate version of this showtape that exists that's missing the B.J. Thomas intro and medley. It is unknown exactly why this revision happened or whether it was a standard change sent out to all stores. If anyone has a definitive answer please e-mail us!

Merch Tie-in - During the run of this showtape, Professor Hoyle Trivia cards could be purchased for $1.00 with a large Pizza. This promotion and tape ran for about two months, and there were 8 different collector packs.

Our Lips Are Sealed - Shalisa (voice of Mitzi) helped to add spice to the Rock-afire showtapes since she was so much younger and more knowledgeable about the pop music of the day. Occasionally she would give suggestions on popular songs to use, as is the case with "Our Lips are Sealed".

Elvis Medley - This show was originally recorded in 1982 for the Tribute to Abbey Road Showtape. Dook mentions that it was recorded "A year and a half ago". This Spanish version has the new voices for Beach Bear and Mitzi and ties into the showtape, because the trivia is to figure out what's been changed since the original version.

-4 out of 5 Tokens-

This is arguably one of the best Rock-afire showtapes ever! Its diverse set-list coupled with the witty dialogue and questions really allow the gang’s personalities to shine. There are several memorable show highlights: Dook’s dimwittedness draws a few laughs when Fatz introduces him at one point in the show and Dook follows it up with a “what?” three different times. Fatz finally has to explain to Dook that he is introducing him. Mitzi keeps getting interrupted by the guys while she is introducing her first show. Fatz and Billy Bob have the curtains closed 3 times so she can start over. Beach Bear manages a bizarre transition into the Tube’s song "Talk to You Later" by telling the audience there are more TV sets (tubes) in America than people in Japan as well as managing to gross Mitzi out with the amount of saliva the human mouth can produce when she can’t come up with a trivia question for her song "Our Lips Are Sealed".