Segment 1
"Monkees Medley" (Theme from the Monkees, Daydream Believer, Steppin' Stone, I Wanna Be Free, Last Train
To Clarksville, I'm A Believer, A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You, Plesant Valley Sunday)

Segment 2
"Tribute to the Circus" (Palisades Park, On a Carousel, Spinning Wheel, Love Rollercoaster, Dizzy, The Night
The Carousel Burnt Down)

Segment 3
"The Curly Shuffle"

This compilation tape contains only three shows - two longer medley songs and one which was rather short. The "Monkees Medley" was recycled from a tape a few years earlier, but the "Tribute to the Circus" show and "The Curly Shuffle" were both new shows from Creative Engineering (a rarity during this time period).

Monkees Medley - This song was originally featured on the Beatles White Album, showtape. It was re-cut for this updated tape, with the ending trimmed and the intro dropped (in the original, Earl mentioned it was their version of the Monkees 1983 style... which it was now 1986).

-3 out of 5 Tokens-

It's hard to say much about this tape, as there's not all that much to review. Don't get me wrong, what's there is good but it leaves one wanting more! The "Monkees Medley" is a classic and one of the best medleys in the Rock-afire catalogue. The "Tribute to the Circus" is also an incredible work of art. Very melancholy and almost depressing considering it's supposed to be about carnival rides - it has a really trippy 1960s feel to it. When Beach Bear and Mitzi come together on the final song "The Night The Carousel Burnt Down" it's almost enough to give one chills. "The Curly Shuffle" is a much more fun track and Dook gives a pretty darn good impression of Curly too. Overall not a bad tape, but it really should have been a lot longer!