Segment 1
"I Feel Good"
"Wind Beneath My Wings"
"Magic Carpet Ride"

This Rock-afire Explosion Cyberstar showis dedicated to Mothers. It starts with Fatz singing "I Feel Good", which leads him to introduce the Tribute To Mothers show. It then leads into Mitzi singing her very beautiful rendition of the song "Wind Beneath My Wings". After that, Beach Bear comments to Fatz that moms don't get to rock n' roll that much, and with Fatz agreeing with Beach Bear, the RAE gets all the mothers to rock, as Dook and Beach Bear sing "Magic Carpet Ride". Billy Bob doesn't even say a word in this show, you may here him in the backround saying stuff like "alright" during songs, but that's about it for him, you only see him as a walkaround during the video footage of a couple songs.

Missing Characters - Rolfe, Earl, and Looney Bird do not speak at all in this show.

Sing It Again - Not often did the Rock-afire Explosion record the same song on multiple occasions, however this tape contains "Magic Carpet Ride" which was recorded a few years earlier (and sung by Earl) in 1984's Magic Night tape.

Watch the Cyberstar show in our Video Archive: Tribute to Mothers.

-2 out of 5 Tokens-

This show had good songs, but it just wasn't that great, not to mention the fact that most the songs didn't even get to the point, I don't even know how "I Feel Good" would have to do with a show about Mothers. There also wasn't much humor in this show, one reason was because Rolfe and Earl wern't even used. Looney Bird must have just sung with the band but never spoke. I've never seen this show performed onstage (in person) so I reviewed this based on the Cyberstar video. If this show had Rolfe and Earl, Looney Bird, and more humor added to it, it could be scored higher.