Segment 1
"Oye Como Va"
"Rock This Town"
"Won't You Be My Neighbor?"
"Share The Land"
"Put A Little Love In Your Heart"

Segment 2
"Company's Coming"
"Don't Say Howdy To Your Neighbor"
"Let's Get Together"
"Ya'll Come"

This is a very good showtape, though many Rock-afire Cyberstar shows may have seemed lame, this was one of the golden ones. The Neighbors Show has some cool song-theming with the show such as "Share the Land", and "Let's Get Together". The first show had some rockin' songs, but the second segment contains a little more 'Folk'-like music... but still had some funny moments like Earl's rendition of how some neighbors could be a pain in "Don't Say Howdy To Your Neighbors". Hey, PTT did a show like this too, but with some different songs, and it seems that they did the same kind of shows in the mid 1980s the Rock-afire would do.

Programming Error - Although this isn't the first time ShowBiz Pizza screwed up the programming (they took it over from Creative Engineering in 1986) it is definetely the worst. In Segment 1 Dook is programmed singing "Share the Land" and Beach Bear is the vocalist. Blasphemous.

Won't You Be My Neighbor - We all know the the famous "Won't You Be My Neighbor" song is the theme song of the children's series "Mister Rogers Neighborhood", great song choice for this show.

Tune Machine - Fatz's Tune Machine makes a prominant appearance in this show and is specifically mentioned.

Watch the Cyberstar show in our Video Archive: Segment 1, Segment 2.

-3.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This was a really cool show, with some catchy songs, and funny dialogue. Earl was the show stealer with his sarcastic opinions on Neighbors, and I'm susprised he was given more time than Rolfe, because Rolfe didn't say much in this show. It seemed that more into the mid-1980s shows, some characters would get little lines here and there. I don't hear Mitzi speaking as much either. But nonetheless, I found this show funny, and pretty cool - it teaches you that everyone to you is a neighbor.