Segment 1
"Various Cyberstar Clips"

Segment 2
"Various Cyberstar Clips"

Segment 3
"Various Cyberstar Clips"

Segment 4
"Various Cyberstar Clips"

A four segment show consisting of Rolfe and Earl reviewing clips of past Rock-afire shows. This tape serves as a transitional promotion to clue customers in about the coming change from The Rock-afire Explosion to the Munch Make Believe Band and the demise of the ShowBiz Pizza brand name.

Concept Unification - This was the very last showtape for the Rock-afire, at least in the context of ShowBiz Pizza Place. The show came as part of the Concept Unification pack that converted the RAE into the MMBB characters. This show was used for one week only during the Concept Unification change over. It is likely the shortest run showtape in the history of Chuck E. Cheese's or Showbiz Pizza. Once the MMBB was in place, the tape was never to be used again.

Voice Actors - Creative Engineering had absolutely no involvement with this showtape whatsoever. Aaron Fechterís voice was not used. Instead, two (terrible voice actors) that do awful impressions of Rolfe and Earl's voices are used - these are the same ones who performed the earlier "ShowBiz corporate" voices from a few years earlier.

Birthday Extravaganza - In what must be one of the most bizarre (and for Rock-afire fans, downright sad) twists, is that this tape contains a hidden birthday song. Since parties were still necessary during the CU construction, Rolfe and Earl were recorded to perform the "Chuck E. Cheese Birthday Extravaganza" song. Complete with the parade of cakes even. Yuck.

Misspelling - Anyone familiar with the Rock-afire knows that Earl does not contain an "e" at the end of his name... we know this... apparently ShowBiz didn't (or more likely, didn't care). Granted only the employees ever saw the title of this tape but it's a still a sore subject among fans - as is the entire CU transformation.

Watch the Cyberstar Show Segments here: The Rolfe and Earle Show (4 Segments).

-0.5 out of 5 Tokens-

What a way to send the Rock-afire out! If getting rid of the Rock-afire wasn't bad enough, this terrible showtape is the ultimate slap in the face to Rock-afire fans. The show, which was done in four parts, has Earl trying to guess where the rest of the gang is. Rolfe, who is in the know, keeps dropping cheesy clues (sorry, no pun intended) to Earl and the audience about "big changes" that are on the way. It's fairly obvious 5 seconds into the skit what is coming. In between Earlís trying to figure out what could possibly be going on, Rolfe and Earl watch Cyberstar clips of the past several years of old Rock-afire Explosion footage and offer a little commentary about the good times. The pair have very few lines since most of the show revolves around what's being shown on the monitors. Chuck E. Cheese could have saved a lot of programming work by simply just filming the walk around characters and putting them up on the screen since Rolfe and Earl are used so little during the show.

Since Billy Bob was the main character, he should have gotten some sort of farewell statement to all of his fans in. Instead, he and the others apparently had all gone on to other things leaving Rolfe and Earl behind to say the goodbyes for the gang. Several theories about where the other characters have gone are given, such as Mitzi possibly being at the salon, but no real explanation is ever given about why the Rock-afire is gone and why MMBB is replacing them. Another gripe about this show tape is Earl was always the witty one. To stay true to character, Rolfe should have been the clueless one. Add in the terrible voice actors that did Rolfe and Earl's voices, and Chuck E. Cheese succeeded in creating the worst showtape ever in addition to getting rid of arguably the best animatronic band of all time.