Segment 1
"Wild Wild West"
"Wild Wild West Theme"
"Bonanza Theme"
"The Adams Family Theme"
"The Andy Griffith Show"
"The Flintstones Theme"
"Walk the Dinosaur"

For this show, the Rock-afire Explosion goes through a handful of classic Television theme songs. Most of the songs that are covered are short little clips and play more like an extended name-that-tune skit rather than a typical show. The TV Themes show is sandwiched at the front and back with two actual modern songs "Wild Wild West" and "Walk the Dinosaur".

Altered Lyrics - In the opening number "Wild Wild West", many of the racy lyrics were toned down. Beach Bear even throws in a different set of "rap" lyrics toward the end of the song which is vividly different from the original artist's recording.

Tune Machine - Fatz's Tune Machine makes a prominant appearance in this show and is specifically mentioned.

Watch the Cyberstar show in our Video Archive: TV Themes.

-1 out of 5 Tokens-

Ugh. Where to begin.

Shame on you Creative Engineering. This tape has all the ingredients for being a horrible ShowBiz-produced Rock-afire show (or a decent late-1980s CEC show, depends on how you want to look at it). In my opinion the premise of this tape is pretty crappy to begin with - the band standing around playing syndicated TV Themes which were as irrelevant to kids in the 1980s as they are today. And just like those ShowBiz-produced tapes, they don't really play enough of the theme songs to matter (only about 30 seconds of a theme gets performed). Even more irritating is the fact that the band only half-assed sings to most of these, and instead they talk, hum, whistle, and make unnecessary comments throughout.

Billy Bob even comments twice about how much "fun" it is singing these themes. If something were really that much fun you wouldn't need to point it out - twice. The two actual songs in this showtape are its only redeeming factor ("Wild Wild West" is actually very good) but the middle of the show is almost painful to hear. The biggest heartbrake is that it was recorded by Creative, the same crew that gave us what amounts to many of the greatest shows ever recorded (to be sung by animatronic animals) hands down. Really though, for me anyway, this was the worst show to be recorded by Creative Engineering during the ShowBiz-era. Even having the original character voices wasn't enough to salvage it.