Segment 1
"Klunk Skit - Dueling Contest"

Segment 2
"Funeral For a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding"

Segment 3
"Klunk Skit - Pizza Expert"

Segment 4
"Banana Hill Dedication Skit"
"Banana Hill"

Segment 5
"Klunk Skit - Dial an Argument"

Segment 6
"My Woman My Woman My Wife Intro Skit"
"My Woman My Woman My Wife"

Segment 7
"Klunk Skit - Random Number"

Segment 8
"Roast Beef Sandwich"

This revised version of the Uncle Klunk character was quite different from the original Klunk played by Jeff Howell. In addition to the new voice for Klunk, his bird Click was also given a new voice and name - Murray D. Bird. The segments of this showtape are also more scripted and produced in a manner more reminicent of a "Tonight Show" type of skit. The rest of the tape is a bunch of random older Rock-afire material which is good, but mismatched.

Klunk Skits - ShowBiz was unhappy with Jeff Howell's rendition of Klunk and suggested that Creative Engineering change it. To do this, CEI hired a voice actor and the new skits were produced by an outside company. Uncle Klunk's bird "Click" is renamed "Murray D. Bird" for these shows and has a rude New Yorker type of attitude. These updated Klunk skits sound unusually out of place when intermixed with classic Rock-afire songs.

Klunk Skit - Pizza Expert - This show includes a phone call from someone trying to call "Fechter's Dry Cleaning Shop" - an obvious homage to Aaron Fechter (Billy Bob).

Banana Hill - The classic song "Banana Hill" makes another appearance in this showtape with a special Klunk referenced intro skit. Fatz mentioned that it was for everybody who missed it in the old days, and dedicated it to Klunk.

Funeral For a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding - This is one of the most oddball shows ever included in a ShowBiz-era Rock-afire Showtape. It is the actual 11-minute recording of Elton John's song, lip-synched by Dook. This show was actually programmed years earlier by Kathy Norman - her first attempt at programming while the original programmer, Aaron Fechter, was sick. It was done so well that it earned her the programming job for CEI. Why it was finally put on this showtape is unknown.

-2.5 out of 5 Tokens-

This tape does have many funny and entertaining moments and when viewed on its own it's a fairly good showtape. However in comparision to other tapes, Uncle Klunk falls glaringly short. His skits sound rediculously canned and many of them are worse than the Chuck E. Cheese material that came out of the mid 1980s. His trademark "Thank You, You're Beautiful" is hardly funny the first time he spouts it out, and after the 20th time you just want to strangle him. Plus he sounds just like Disney's Goofy (only not funny). Some of the phone conversations he has are comical, but it's not enough to save the skits from being terrible. Murray D. Bird is also an earsore and after the first few times he appears you want to pluck out his feathers one by one just to hear him cry.

If such classics as "Roast Beef Sandwich" and "Banana Hill" weren't included on the tape it would have been a disaster altogether. The intro skit to "Banana Hill" is also very funny and shows the character's distaste for Klunk because he is supposed to be an abomination. When Howell did Klunk that was a funny abomination, when Klunk's as bad as he is in this tape it's not really a laughing matter..