Rock-a-Palooza 2003

On July 23rd, 2003 hosted it's first ever announced online event called Rock-a-Palooza. The event was designed to be a one day occurance for fans of the Rock-afire Explosion to celebrate their obsession. We wanted something that Rock-afire fans could look forward to and participate in, since CEC fans still have current material to enjoy and restaurants to visit.

Rock-a-Palooza 2003 was the 'great experiment' and turned out to be lots of fun and very memorable to visitors of!
Included in the roster of events were exclusive mp3 downloads of songs never before offered online, a special Rock-afire chat session, and the return of 'The Adventures of Billy Bob' and 'The Rock-afire Enquirer'. Also featured was a new quiz game titled 'You Don't Know Fatz' where fans could challenge their knowledge of all things RAE. By successfully completing the gauntlet of quizzes you could obtain more exclusive song downloads.
However the most fun and entertaining aspect of Rock-a-Palooza was the 'Crazy Colander Head Contest' where fans submitted photos of their homemade colanders to for other fans to vote on! Viewers were taken on a virtual online tour of the colander gallery and at the end got to vote on their favorite one. To entice fans to put forth the effort and make their colanders as crazy as can be, a set of various prizes were offered up to the top winners.

And everyone who took the time to participate was awarded a 2003 RAP Colander Head Membership Card. For those who were unable to become an offical Colander Head back in 1983, here they were given a second chance to prove themselves a true RAE fan. It was the perfect way to celebrate the Colander's 20th Anniversary!