Rock-a-Palooza 2004

In July of 2004 revived the Rock-a-Palooza event and made some changes over the first one. The first change was the extention of the event to an entire week! had grown and now had the bandwidth to present the event for a longer duration, and also without having to shut down the core of like the first time. New changes were set forth to improve upon RAP 2003. Some attractions like 'You Don't Know Fatz' made their return, and some faded into history (the infamous chat session). Also in keeping with the spirit of RAP, totally new sections were added for fan enjoyment!
For RAP 2004 we wanted to present some nice features for the hard-core Rock-afire fans who just can't get enough of their favorite animatronic band. That meant the inclusion of high-quality photos and rare documents for download. A new set of mp3s were available, as well as some newly submitted fan art just for Rock-a-Palooza.

And most memorable was the addition of 'The Rock-afire Enquirer Vol. 2' - made specially for the event. This new issue contained new stories and never before seen photos that kept fans wondering where to draw the line between truth and fiction. This issue also included the story on the infamous articles regarding the mysterious death of Aaron Fechter.

What would Rock-a-Palooza be without contest prizes? Less of a strain on VegaNova's pocket book probably. Actually the Fan Club came to the rescue and helped make RAP 2004 even more of a success by funding the giveaway of free Rock-afire vinyl CD-Rs. Everyone could enter and all they had to do was search throughout the special features and find hidden links to tickets. When enough tickets were found and codes were collected they could be redeemed for the exclusive vinyl CD-R!