CheeseVention 2

On Friday July 29th, 2005 along with the CV Staff again made a little bit of magic happen with the second annual CEC/SPP fan convention - CheeseVention 2! The event this time was even more impressive than the last, and many of the things that didn't work out for CV1, we were able to pull off this second time around. The location was again MA, this time at a private hall in Salem which gave us the creative freedom to really pull off a spectacular event!

CV2 attracted many new attendees (many of whom were younger fans) along with several returning fans from the last year. After a short dinner at the Danvers store we all moved over to the Salem hall to kick off the event.

The CV2 hall was a sight to see, with decorations all over. Collectables were set up for display, there were Pizza Time balcony characters for viewing, a video corner set up like the old 'Fantasy Forest', and a stage ready for live performances. Fans also had the ability to purchase CV2 T-shirts, DVDs, and the exclusive CV2 Plush at our merchandise table.
The event formally kicked off with a Trivia Contest, followed by a showing of the short video Aaron Fechter and Kerry made specially for CV2. Then it was onto the LIVE show line-up - many new performances this year including a neat Pasqually themed skit, along with shows from Chuck, Helen, Jasper, Munch, and even Rapid T. Rabbit making a guest appearance! The finale was a sight to see as Chuck E., Billy Bob, Looney Bird, and Earl Schmerle did an exclusive performance of the 'Satisfaction Medley'.

On saturday the CV2 hangers-on went to Canobie Lake amusement park to spend a day riding the rides. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly an evening performance of the Bozo the Clown show with our own Chuck E. appearing on stage. Quite a risky and nerve racking venture to set up and organize, but it was done for the CV fans and turned out to be both fun and magical. And of course after another exhausting weekend, Sunday brought upon another relaxing stroll through historic Salem and another visit to the Salem Willows park and beach.
CheeseVention 2 stands as one of the greatest events that's taken place within the CEC/SPP community and is something that is most proud to have been a part of. It was so much fun and better than the first event, that the only thing left to do after CV2 was to bring the legacy of CV to more fans across the country, so they too could experience the fun!

For more information regarding CV2 check out Billy Bob's Bulletin #56. Also check out photos of the Danvers CEC Meetup, CV Event Hall, Canobie Lake, and other photos from the event.