Rock-a-Palooza 2005

In August of 2005 Rock-a-Palooza made a third showing and again it was time to celebrate all things Rock-afire! Although CheeseVention 2 was an exhausting event, we wanted to keep the RAP tradition alive. In other words, the event almost didn't happen! However some quick planning and one major addition saved RAP and the results can still be enjoyed today. All of the features of RAP 2004 made a comeback, along with some new high quality photos and new documents added to the mix. For everyday of the event, a new section was added making it more fun to come back each day to see what was new.

'You Don't Know Fatz' made a reapperance with lots of new questions with a triple-threat set of bonuses to end it. Looming in the air was the 2006 remodel (which was undergoing testing phases) and the only way to justify spending the long hours of updating for a week long event was to use RAP as an excuse to debut a new section of - and Radio ShowBiz was born!
Broadcasting at 32kbps, Radio ShowBiz began playing nothing but Rock-afire tunes. And just for RAP 2005, some great prizes could be won (including a free vinyl CD-R) by anyone who e-mailed in the contest codeword heard on the station!