Rock-a-Palooza 2006

In September of 2006 Rock-a-Palooza made its 4th and final appearance. The event was getting harder and harder to do, as most of the "surprise" showings had already been permanently archived to the main site and new material was in short supply. However, in the spirit of keeping the fans happy (and also beating a dead horse) we decided to give Rock-a-Palooza one final hurrah!

Once again, the now-tired events made another appearance including 'You Don't Know Fatz', and 'The RAE Enquirer' as well as the other Rock-a-Palooza favorites.

Again came the dilema of how to best utilize the long hours of updating it takes to pull off one of these events. So again we debuted another large addition to - in 2005 it was Radio ShowBiz, this year the major addition to the site was the Video Archive. During Rock-a-Palooza it was solid Rock-afire related videos, including many never seen by 99% of fans!

Unforutnately the event ran well over its intended time (all the way to December this time around), and it was becoming apparent that the event had overstayed its welcome anyway. It was a bittersweet moment, but ultimately it was decided to discontinue the event and move on to bigger and better things.