CheeseVention 4

The arrival of 2007 meant 30 years of Chuck E. Cheese, so and the CV Staff knew that the only place to celebrate CheeseVention 4 was where it all began - California! Since CV3 was quite different from the past events and ended up being a blast, we continued to evolve the format of CV and this year decided to actually hold the event in two CA locations nearly 6 hours from one another. Road trip!

CheeseVention 4 began where Chuck E. Cheese's literally started - San Jose. The first stop was to the location where the original Pizza Time Theatre once stood. The original building is no longer standing, but we gathered anyway at the Santana Row shopping plaza (which now exists there). Our group was met at the center of the plaza by walkarounds of both Classic CEC and Modern CEC. After some video and a photo session, it was off to the big 30th birthday bash!
The celebration event took place at the San Jose flagship store. This store is the largest in the US, standing 3 stories tall and has a giant Chuck E. Cheese ouside against the building.

Our CV group partied down, as only a group of obsessed fans could do, and afterwards were treated to an upstairs tour of the 3rd floor (which was once the training grounds for managers known as Chuck E. Cheese University).

From there it was road trip time, as the group headed south for Anaheim. Other than a stop off at Monterey Bay for ice cream and a view of the ocean, it was a straight and very long drive to our Saturday destination.

On Saturday the CV4 gang started day 2 which included visits to Nolan Bushnell's uWink Bistro, the Simi Valley CEC with it's Rocker Stage, and the Bell, CA store - the highest grossing store in the company! Over the next few days the group segmented off and CV4 concluded with trips to other area CEC's such as Placentia, and Corona, and there were also visits to Disneyland and Rock-afire Pizza.
CheeseVention 4 was a fun adventure for all the fans who gathered to celebrate 30 years of Chuck E. Cheese! It was enjoyed by all in attendance, and once again brought fans together - now more than ever fans were able to get together with old friends whom they had met at prior CheeseVentions.

For more information regarding CV4 check out Billy Bob's Blog - CheeseVention 4. Also check out photos of the San Jose CEC visit & 30th Bday bash, Simi Valley CEC visit, Bell CEC visit, uWink Visit, and other photos from the event.